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The walls of many older buildings of the present town are built of local rubble mudstone, using copious amounts of lime mortar to bed the thin, irregular stones, but this construction is often disguised by applied façades towards the street. If many buildings appear more polite than truly vernacular in character, the vernacular materials, particularly local stone and slate, long remained available.

bargeboards, chimney
Elegant detailing, 1868

Slates were originally fixed by an oaken peg through the head of each, and later by nails, and lime mortar "torching" applied to their undersides helped them to adhere and stopped draughts and driven snow.

Court House, 1628

Local timber was both used and re-used - timbers are sometimes seen pierced with mortices and borings irrelevant to current functioning - but its availability declined with time and it was supplanted by imported softwoods.

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